Run .NET Core app as a windows service, Non-Sucking way.

Assuming you have a fancy .NET Core application that runs on its own or as IIS website, but now you want to run it as a Windows service.

You can do it pretty easy even without modifying the application it self, like adding a service host or some other junk. For that download the Non-Sucking Service Manager, this tool allows you to start almost any application as a Windows service.

Publish your app somewhere outside of any user home, like C:\MyFancyApp in most cases following command is enough.

dotnet publish MyFancyApp.csproj -c Release -o C:\MyFancyApp

Create a file run.bat that starts your application with all required parameters, config, environment variables or what ever it needs. Something like this.

dotnet MyFancyApp.dll

Then create a second bat file service.bat that runs nssm commands. This script will install a Windows service with a description and start it automatically.

nssm install MyFancyApp %cd%\run.bat
nssm set MyFancyApp Description "Runs a fancy dotnet core app on
nssm start MyFancyApp

BUTZ! Now you have a Windows service running without any sucking!


You can find the code used in this post on GitHub

PS: You can run almost anything as a Windows service using the nssm tool, not only a dotnet core projects like described in this blog post.

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